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Hey, look, an actual "journal" entry.

Monday 14th Dec Went to fat club. Been doing Slimming World on-and-off for the last 3-4 months. The basic theory works well for me (a lot of the time, when I'm cooking from scratch, all I need to do is replace the meat with Quorn or beans in order to make the food "Syn"-less, and I've lost 10 pounds doing so), but it's the junk food and cider that I've got to discipline myself away from. Anyway, lost a pound since last week, even though I've been on the junk food more than I should have been. I've had no cider though, just a bit of vodka, which seems to have made the difference.

Tuesday 15th Wargaming in the eve with Rich. Playing the latest game in the Warmachine campaign I'm running. He's at a decent handicap because he's not lost a game yet. And he still got the win. Dammit. I made a couple of mistakes with deployment, corrected them to a degree, had him on the back foot, but had a couple of things fail to happen, allowing him the opening he needed to jump my forces and flatten me. This took us to after midnight to finish. I gave him a lift home, then went to Asda at 1.30 in the morning to hunt for some of the elements of my fancy dress for the office Xmas party. Managed one more item, with 3 still to find. Very late finish. Doh.

Wednesday 16th Found the remaining bits for my costume for the office xmas party at lunchtime. Someone said, a couple of weeks back, "the Xmas party will be Mexican themed, with a prize for best outfit". So, where the immediate thought was "poncho, hat, tache", which is what my boss did. My second thought was "Luche Libre", and from there "Nacho Libre". Since that thought, aided by the lovely Val, and egged on by the boss, I've been putting together this outfit from anything I can get hold of. I even got some football socks and laced them in order to look like wrestling boots. Each Halloween it seems I've got a good idea for some form of outfit, but it just never comes together for one reason or another, so, as this one seemed doable, I stuck at it.

So I got to wander through an office featuring an occasional poncho and hat, in full-on mexican wrestler outfit, complete with cape and mask. I threatened to go topless in order to compete the outfit if there was any risk of losing the competion, but there really wasn't any question. There will be pics, but they've not surfaced yet.

So, for the party, which was all done in the office, we had a Samba Amigo competition, a very hard computer game industry themed "pub" quiz, a proper Piñata filled with sweets that was hit with sticks, a big heap of beers, and, for some reason, a pervy "Russian" santa... Wasn't sold on the buffet though. Shells, beans and rice, but no meat. Was fun, but not as good as last year's drunken Rock Band shenanigans.

Thursday 17th Suddenly, it's really really cold in the evening. Walking back into town to see Marilyn Manson is really really unpleasant as the wind goes straight through my hoody and trousers. Yay.

Anyway. Mazza at the Arena. The wench wanted to see him, so, in the interest of being able to say "I've seen Manson", and liking a fair number of their songs, I went too. Was a bit of an odd show. I've not been to that many arena shows, but I've never been to one that was only half full before. The crowd was small and very quiet. Even when they pulled out a fast one, or Beautiful People at the end, there was bugger all reaction. Next to no jumping around, and no pits at all.

First couple of songs, there's no middle end, as there's only one guitar playing the top end riffing, a huge bass sound, and the keyboard stays silent for no appreciable reason. The soundman adjusts the sound so it sounds crystal clear with a bass, 1 guitar, drums and vocals, and then doesn't make adjustments when Manson himself straps on a guitar and the keyboard dude wakes up.

There may have been a couple too many slower ones as well, but Little Horn, Rock is Dead, Beautiful People, Rock n Roll Nigger all sounded huge and exactly what was ordered, but the crowd never woke up, and it did look like we might get Mazza himself playing up through boredom. He did a certain amount of abusing miserable looking youths in the front row, and in being generally offensive, but he didn't play up as much as V said he tends to on a festival stage. Interesting show, good in places, but oddly deadened by the the crowd.

And I want to find out who was in charge of the spotlights, and stick their control unit up their arse.

Friday 18th So, inspired by the gig, I subjected my boss to a bit of a Manson marathon today. The lasses on reception started in with the Xmas songs, so I went for the Akercocke to drown it out. Then added in Melechesh and all the good Manson I could find, and realised that I'd just put together a playlist of satanists. Humbug indeed.

Huh. That turned into a bit of an essay...
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