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Ok. Lets update this.

In the last 6 months since I last updated:

- I've been settling into the job I started last October, passed the 6 month review with flying colours, and am getting more and more responsibility piled onto me. We're now moving offices, and I'm organising the IT side of the move, among a lot of other things, including ramping up the number of staff we've got. I'm feeling a bit stressed, but it's almost all positive stress (new things to learn, new projects, that sort of thing), as opposed to the relentless negative stress I was under at Pipex.

- I proposed to Val. In the middle of seeing Ministry on their final tour out in Manchester. She said yes, but we've still not coordinated ring shopping enough to actually buy her one... Wedding is a way off yet, as we're not doing this without having lived together for a bit.

- I bought daresbalat's house off him. Completion was Tuesday just gone. In the "current climate", this could be a bad thing, but it's the cheap end of the housing market, so there shouldn't be much drop off, if any. And in anycase, I'm not planning on moving anytime soon. We only just completed, so I'm only just starting the process of turning it into "my" house.

- I've watched lots and lots of films, read some books, and mostly stopped going out in the evenings (there's next to no gigs I want to go to, I'd rather stay in with Val than hit the pub, and there's no club nights I want to go to other than Damage, which is on the worst possible night for me now).

- I've been concentrating on painting toy soldiers rather than playing with them. I'm failing badly at the Pledge I said I'd take part in at the start of the year. The idea was to paint more toy soldiers in the year than you bought. Unfortunately, I've been coming up with lots of interesting non-GW stuff to buy, and, although I'm way ahead of where I'd normally be in terms of painting, which is awesome, I'm also way ahead of that in terms of models bought. Anyone actually interested, I've been blogging progress (with pretty photos) on beatenzone.

- I got me new ink. I got a chaos star design. I've had an eye on getting a chaos star for 15 years. Wanted something a little different and something to balance the Jourmundgandr on the left shoulder, so it's in the same Mayan/Aztec style.

- I've lost a stone. Intermittent gym activity, intermittent riding to work, and cutting back the drinking and feeding seem to have taken effect.

So. Now, I'm going to try and start updating again.

Aaaand. My car's looking like it's not happy. I was ready to spend Thursday night picking up things from the UPS office, then painting tanks and doing bits around the house. Instead, I got home, and the car refuses to even start turning over at all. I go to start painting things while watching dvds, but all my energy's gone. About midnight, when I've had a rummage of the Haynes manual, I go out to try the things it suggests, and find the thing starts again.

Finished reading Battle for the Abyss (by Ben Counter, part of the Games Workshop Horus Heresy series) this morning. The characterisation and subtlety of plot are fucking awful, which it typical of Counter. The fight scenes are decent though. It does leave the story unfinished as well, having spent much too much time dwelling on stuff that didn't need the attention.

Friday, I get home, get over to the UPS office the other side of Stapleford, leaving V in the car guarding it with the engine running (I don't trust it to start again if I stop it) while I go in and pick up the magic box from Virgin that will make our internet work again. Spend half the evening setting it all up (with the lass on the phone huffing at me at one point), the rest watching L.A. Ink and Miami Ink and going "ooooo, haven't we got a stack of crap to watch".

Saturday. Bit of a lazy day, and made lazier when we find a couple of channels showing many hours of TNA wrestling. One of the female wrestlers has the best named finishing move evar: the Implant Buster. In essence, she hoists the victim up into the air and down onto their front (it's a lifting double underhook facebuster, for those who understand these things), which is something that'll punish the boob-jobbed female wresters more than the men...
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you fail as a frog

Yesterday mostly didn't happen. We didn't get anywhere but my room and the Xmas chocolates until about 7pm. Val decided she fancied fish and chips at Matlock Baths. So we did. And caught the chippy just closing up, so they gave us all the spare food as well. Woo, yay, random expeditions and free food.

Today, I'm stuck at work. Boo to not having enough holiday time acrued to be able to take the xmas week off entirely.
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get your coat, i've got a knife

I'm going to start permanent markering the cheerful, smiling faces on all bloody IT advertising. For some reason, every IT marketing department puts cheerful, productive-looking people on every page, rather than something more elegant and actually related to computers. I suppose it's meant to appeal to managers who like the idea that buying this new hunk of IT junk will make their employees happy and motivated and make them more money.

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was jesus experiencing lag when he took 3 days to respawn?

I was out the other night, picking Val up from her parentals after going swimming, and at one point, we see ahead, a fella on the pavement getting splashed as a car goes through a puddle next to him. He stops, swears and flips the bird at the car, but doesn't move out of the way of the puddle, so gets sprayed again as we can't avoid going through it...

Played Half Life (the original one) through again recently. Didn't take much time compared to first time through (I'm that much better at shooting, know what's coming, and the AI isn't looking as shiny as it did back then), though it was a reminder of how bloody huge and bloody good that game actually is. I was looking to play some specific sections, but didn't remember that they were actually toward the end of the game. "Surface Tension", where the bits I was looking for are, is a superb sequence. All sorts of challenges and styles of play. Clambering down ledges on a sheer cliff face, fighting soldiers in trenches, working through rock formations with soldiers, headcrabs and landmines on the ground, and choppers overhead, warehouse fights, streetfights and more, and all one after another. Woo.

Aaand, today, I finally finished up playing as much of STALKER as I can be arsed. There's several endings, and I did the bad "I want to be rich" ending, then the "Ok, I'll join the bad guys ending". I really can't be arsed working through to the best ending. There's lots of good to the game; the grit of the whole thing, the realism they've gone for, and the nice open maps, but there's plenty of flaws as well, particularly in the sequencing of the questing not being very robust, and that the corridor fights got a bit samey. Think I liked the street fighting of Pripyat the most. Starting off working between blocks of flats with a team of other stalkers for help, then working through a wrecked city to the objective.

Bleh. Knackered and full to the brim with vindaloo. Was in a very anti-social mood earlier. Going for a drive definitely helped.